No Social Media For Six Weeks – What I Learnt


how to live a more meaningful life



Today I’ll be doing a short post sharing some ways to live a more meaningful life. I’ve done a lot of posts like this in the past, because it’s something I’m very passionate about!

Without further ado, let’s get into the post.

1 //  put away your phone

This is so important. Put away your phone–whether you’re going shopping or hiking in a deserted forest, turn off your phone and put it away! Don’t let the distraction of texts and Instagram notifications disturb the peace. I always find that whenever I force myself not to go on electronics for a few hours or even a few days, I find myself focusing more on all the small things in life–the cold breeze, someone’s laugh…..if you’re out in nature and you’re so focused on taking pictures or answering texts, you’re not going to be able to focus on how you actually…

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books to look out for this fall | collab post


Hello & welcome back!

Today I’m bringing you a post on the books you should add to your TBR for autumn! I absolutely love reading and always have a large stack of books to read, so I’m excited to share with you my picks. This post is a collab with the amazing Nonagon from A Living Metaphor!–make sure to check out her blog & follow it!

Let’s get into the post.

1 // an enchantment of ravens by margaret rogerson

I added this book to my TBR as soon as I heard about it. I haven’t read this yet but I can’t wait to get my hands on it! Fans of Sarah J. Maas & Victoria Aveyard will definitely love this book. It’s about our favorite immortal people: the fae. From what I’ve heard, this book features romance, adventure & fantasy!

2 // warcross by marie lu

I’ve only…

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A look back on 2017 and forward into 2018

Coffee and Coats

Hi guys,

I know towards the end of this year I haven’t written many blog posts. To be honest with you guys, so much has happened in my life, changing a lot of things and sending my life down a different path. However, because of this, I feel like I have truly found myself, making 2017 the best year so far for me and I am now so excited for the next year.

The first major change is that my boyfriend of three years and I split up in the month of October. For the first couple days I was so devastated, after being with him for three years I thought I would be with him in the long run, had planned post-Uni with him, we had so many plans. The only way I’ve rebuilded myself was because I had so many amazing people around me at University. It has…

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